7 Reasons to Install Air Conditioning in Your Office

If you’re looking into a new office or planning renovations for your current workspace, air conditioning might seem like an expensive, unnecessary addition. But there are plenty of benefits to installing and using an air con unit, including those that could have a positive impact on your business operations.

  1. You have a responsibility – By law you need to provide your employees with a comfortable working environment under the health, safety, and welfare regulations. While it doesn’t very often reach high temperatures in the UK, you still need to think about the summer months.
  2. Improve employee wellbeing – Air conditioning improves the air quality within your office, helping to deliver a boost to overall employee health. Bugs and viruses spread easier in warm, damp environments, so you could even reduce the number of sick days members of staff take off overall too.
  3. Show you care about your staff – Installing air conditioning is just one of the ways you can show employees that their wellbeing and comfort matters to the company. It can help deliver a morale boost if it’s a new addition and keep staff happy when the mercury rises.
  4. Boost productivity – Everyone knows that when it’s warm it can be difficult to get comfortable and maintain concentration. Keep your employees at their best even when it’s hot outside by installing air conditioning. With a better working environment, you can keep your staff productive and make sure that your output doesn’t slip either.
  5. Increase your security – The alternative to air conditioning is often to simply open a window. But that not only lets insects in, it can compromise security too. It’s easy for remembering to close the window to slip your mind potentially leaving the company open to criminals.
  6. Protect your equipment – Your office is likely to house business critical information and valuable electronics. Overheating is an issue for your IT systems and it can potentially cause irreversible damage as well as instability that means they’re not performing optimally. Air con can help keep your office equipment cool and functioning in all seasons.
  7. Prevent damp and mould – Air con doesn’t only benefit your staff and equipment but the building too. Warm, moist atmospheres can lead to damp or mould developing. Having the air conditioning turned on can help to protect the structure of your office and create a healthier environment.

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