8 Things Property Managers Need to Look For in a Gas Engineer

Whether you need a gas engineer to conduct routine safety checks or in an emergency, picking out the right one can not only mean you can be sure that the work is up to standard, it can save you money too. As a property manager, you’re likely to need a gas engineer on a regular basis and having a local professional that you know you can rely on can be a weight off your mind.

If you need a gas engineer, looking out for these eight factors can help you pick out the right one for your business.

  1. Gas safe registered – Never work with an engineer that is not gas safe registered. Any reputable gas engineer will be more than happy to show you their qualifications, certificates, insurance, and ID card. It might seem like a hassle but the gas safe register is there to protect customers.
  2. Fully qualified – Gas jobs can be widely different and just because an engineer was suitable for one task doesn’t mean they can complete all the work you need. Before you start a working relationship with someone, think about all the potential related jobs you will have and how qualified they are to handle all of them.
  3. PAT testing – A portable appliance test (PAT) ensures that electrical appliances and equipment are safe to use. You have a responsibility to make sure that the products within your property meet minimum standards and choosing an engineer that can also carry out a PAT test can save you time and money.
  4. Ability to provide CP12 certificates – A CP12 certificate is required by law to demonstrate that all gas appliances work safely and effectively. A test must be carried out every 12 months but not all engineers are able to issues these certificates so be sure to check before making a booking.
  5. Accessible – How easy is your engineer to get hold of? Are they available on the evenings and weekends? Should an emergency arise you want to know that you’ll still be able to contact them and for the work to be completed quickly.
  6. The right price – As a property manager you’ll need work completed on a frequent basis and regular work will often appeal to gas engineers. Speak with local providers and see if they’ll offer you a bulk discount in return for your loyalty.
  7. Uses fixed prices – Fixed prices means you know where you stand. While unfixed prices can seem cheaper and appealing, costs can quickly and unexpectedly spiral out of control.
  8. Excellent reputation – You don’t only want an engineer that can get the job done but someone that’s easy to work with and you know you can rely on. Speaking to other property managers and doing a quick internet search can give you an idea of their reputation.

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